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John McGinlay XI vs Tony Kelly XI MOTM: Jay-Jay Okocha

Is this 2003?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Today saw the first (and hopefully not last) charity match where two teams captained by Bolton legends John Mcginley and Tony kelly went head to head. Many legends showed up including Fabrice Muamba, Jussi Jaaskelainen and Jason McAteer. However the most notable player on the pitch was without a doubt the Nigerian cult legend Jay-Jay Okocha who showed no signs for age and went on to score 3 outstanding and nostalgic goals.

His first notable action of the game was putting Paddy McGuinness on his arse with his dazzling step-overs, that's what you get for not doing a second series of Road to Nowhere, Paddy.

His first goal came in the 35th minute although admittedly I didn't see how this goal came about as it happened right when Fabrice Muamba was announced as a late addition to the subs bench, all I remember was turning my head back towards the game and seeing the ball leave Okocha's right foot from distance and sail into the near top corner.

The Nigerian trickster's second came six minutes later as he dribbled past Kelly's shoddy defence and tucked it away at the near post out of reach of Branagan before doing his famous celebration rather enthusiastically, amazing stuff.

The third came in the second half after Okocha had switched to Kelly's team and provided a very composed finish when one on one with Jussi's promising son Will Jaaskelainen.

Overall Jay-Jay didn't look a day over 30 in the whole game, he was very keen to display some of the showboating that we all adore him for and even attempted his famed rainbow flick which unfortunately was read and dealt with, was unbelievably enjoyable watching him play again and one can only hope this isn't the last time we'll see him lace his boots up for a charity match.

Honourary mention goes out to 48 year old David Lee who didn't play like his age at all, he was lightening quick all game and made some terrific passes and crosses and provided an excellent assist for de Fraitas' goal, sign him up pronto!