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Forgotten Wanderers #10 - Martin Djetou

The only Wanderer I can think of named after a budget airline

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Here's another obscure one.

In fact I only remember him because of a HILARIOUS connection between his surname and a budget airline. That provided HOURS of LOLZ I can tell you!!!!1111oneone!

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway - your forgotten Wanderer tonight is none other than Mr Martin Okelu Djetou.

Born in Brogohlo, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast to you and me) in 1974, he moved to France and turned professional in 1992. Four years and 84 appearances later, Djetou had improved sufficiently to earn a move to AS Monaco in 1996.

He made his name on the European stage in 1998 with a superb display against Alex Ferguson's Manchester United in the Quarter Final of the Champions League.

Equally comfortable in midfield as in defence, it was his performances in the latter position which caught the eye of big-spending Parma (remember them?) who brought him to Italy and Serie A in 2001 after 116 appearances for Monaco.

Four years later, and after taking in a two-season long loan spell at Fulham, he returned to France with Nice, where he went on to make a mere five appearances before being drafted in by Bolton Wanderers' own Sam Allardyce to join his quest for European football in 2005. A failed trial with Leeds United followed afterwards as his career began to wind down.

His time at Bolton was largely forgettable - hence his inclusion in this series - and it was thus with him moving back to France with Istres and latterly SC Schiltigheim where he retired in 2007 just six games shy of making 300 professional appearances.

He also made six appearances for the French national side, with his debut coming in 1996, and the last in 2000.

Ladies and gentlemen - Martin Djetou.