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Breaking: More Staff Going Unpaid as Anderson/Deano Rift Widens

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the stadium

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Just when you thought that we had put our money problrms behind us, our sources at the club have indicated to us that our beloved Bolton Wanderers do not have the finance to pay the players wages this week, although fortunately did ensure that club staff did get paid.

We have been informed that the finance shortfall is due to the fact that Ken Anderson hasn't come good with the finance promised, when he joined the SS consortium, to buy our club.

It is believed that Anderson needs to provide the necessary funds today in order to ensure that the players receive their wages on time.

There are also rumours of an unbridgeable rift now between Holdsworth and Anderson, with their working relationship effectively being non-existent.

Obviously we'll update this when new news becomes known, but it sounds like another fun chapter in the recent tumultuous history of our great club is about to be written.