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Our Euro 2016 Predictions: Alastair

The host of the not so fortnightly Talking Trotters and southerner Alastair Sledge is first up to discuss his predictions.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Over the coming weeks, the LOV team will put their reputations on the line and share their predictions for the Euros. First up, it's Alastair.

How far will England get? The last 16
Your England Starting XI: Hart, Cahill, Smalling, Clyne, Rose, Dier, Drinkwater, Alli, Milner, Vardy, Kane (4-4-2)
Who'll score more, Kane or Vardy? Doubt either will score many, but Kane just.
Will Hodgson remain as manager after the Euros? As this is the best England squad in a while, a disappointing performance would be enough to force the FA's hand.

How far will Wales get? The last 16
Top Scorer: Vokes
How far will Ireland get? Finish last in their group, very tricky draw for them
Top Scorer: Long
How far will Northern Ireland get? Finish last in their group after taking a surprise early lead against Germany or something, maximising the disappointment
Top Scorer: Will Grigg (na na na na na)

Competition Winners: Germany, seem unstoppable at the moment
Runner Up: Spain, back on their top game after a disappointing World Cup
Final Four: France, a solid team with the home advantage, and Belgium, about time they proved they deserved their high world ranking
Surprise Team: Poland, with Lewandowski on form, could go far
Flop Team: Apart from England (sort of), Italy. 

Second Team: I have a soft spot for Romania for no real reason, other than the vampires. Also opens up a world of opportunity for EU referendum humour
Any successes for the home nations? Ireland will be on the wrong end of an Henryesque handball or ref error again and they will complain about it consistently until they next qualify for an international competition
Office sweepstake team? Turkey, I'm convinced it was rigged.

Golden Boot: Muller always scores in international tournaments.
Surprise Player: My original pick was Paco Alcacer but he isn't even going to the Euros so instead I'll say Shaqiri.
Flop Player: Bale, I doubt the Welsh team will get enough space for him to run riot and teams like Slovenia will be specifically set up to stop him.
First Pundit to Say Something Stupid: Garth Crooks will say that referees are actually shape-shifting lizards or something dumb
When will Liam stop supporting Ireland and start supporting England again? In his defence, not until the end.
Your own bonus prediction: Will Griggs on fire will become an international sensation and then continental fans would distance themselves from it as soon as home nation fans start throwing things at people.

Agree? Leave your thoughts and predictions below the line...