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Dougie Freedman says joining Bolton was the “wrong decision”

The feeling is mutual...

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Infamous former Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman who tentatively drove Bolton to our best Championship finish in our 4 year long stint, stated in a podcast interview with Holmesdale Radio yesterday that he regrets ever joining Bolton and he knew he had made a mistake the first day he took charge of the club.

A few choice quotes include:

"It was the wrong decision (joining Bolton) and I do regret it"

"I thought I was King Kong and could fight the world"

"Bolton had made an enquiry, paid a fee and were given a licence to talk. I spoke to Phil Gartside and he played me, told me everything that I wanted to hear and my decision was made"

"I went in the following day, told Steve Parish and said goodbye to the lads at the training ground. There was a lot of tears - I drove out of the training ground and cried all the way up to Bolton"

"I knew I'd made a mistake and I knew that on my first day at Bolton. My first training session"

I'm sure I speak for most Bolton fans when I say we wish that mistake never happened, Dougie.