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We Remain: Those Bolton Wanderers Have Kept in Midfield

Jamie takes a look at those who remain at the Macron who play in the middle of the park.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Next up is my thoughts on, most of, the midfielders who are still at the Macron.

Josh Vela

The perennially overrated academy graduate may attract interest in the summer having seen a bid in January from Cardiff City accepted and later rejected in the bizarre way January transfer dealings were handled. Having failed to really impress at either right back or central midfield if Vela stays then it is about time he started to really see through on the promise that led to Liverpool bidding for him before he had kick a ball at first team level.

I remain unconvinced that he can see through on that promise but really hope that I am proved wrong. He could be a key player next season, or just another part of a likely ineffective midfield alongside Darren ‘the donkey’ Pratley.

Mark Davies

The most talented played in the division they said, a completely ineffective player he was. Davies could be an amazing player in League One, but in reality he will be just as ineffective as ever. Having been signed while on loan at Leicester City in League One he is a player who has come full circle at Bolton Wanderers, strangely fitting.

As a high earner it is important to move him on. Though his wage demands and general lack of ability may well make that tricky to achieve. We will have to hope that playing in the Championship is important enough to him to take a wage cut and that Sheffield Wednesday are desperate enough to try again.

Darren Pratley

There is nothing to say about him which hasn’t been said by me and many other so many times. I so hope that he won’t be here come next season, but the reality will be more aimless midfield performances from one of the worst players I have ever seen claim to be a professional footballer.

I seriously cannot put into words anymore just how much I hate the man, so let’s just leave it there.

Jay Spearing

He says that he wants to stay and fight, he knows no one will match his wages more like. I have no idea what the situation is with the clause in his contract but I have seen indications that he could play next season if he hangs around. If he does and can he really could be a useful player but then again I thought he would be a useful player in the Championship for us…

For me he is a player that a Championship team might decide to take a punt on as they will be able to get him on the cheap, we shall see.

Liam Trotter

I don’t know what to think about Trotter. He has played well at times but has also been less than useless at many others. I would be perfectly happy to see him leave but given that Dougie Freedman is currently out of the job that seems unlikely.

Tom Walker

After breaking through with a bang it has been difficult for Walker to make an impact. If he can put a difficult second season behind him he could be a useful player next season. He is full of promise which we have to hope he starts to see through on. Other than him there is a clear lack of natural width in this team so he could be very important.

Next up is those who enjoy missing the target starring Gary Madine.