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Our Euro 2016 Predictions: Matt

Because I didn't get enough wrong with the Premiership predictions

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

How far will England get? Semi-Finals (Actually positive for once)
Your England Starting XI: Hart, Walker, Rose, Cahill, Stones, Dier, Drinkwater, Rooney, Ali, Kane, Sturridge (If not fully fit, Vardy). 4-4-2 Diamond
Who'll score more, Kane or Vardy? Think Kane due to the virtue of starting more. Think Vardy will get some running at tired defences mind.
Will Hodgson remain as manager after the Euros? Unless they go full Bolton and never get going, he'll keep his job.
How far will Wales get? Group stages.
Top Scorer: Gareth Bale
How far will Ireland get? Group stages
Top Scorer: Jon Walters
How far will Northern Ireland get? Same again. Group stages.
Top Scorer: Will Grigg

Competition Winners: Germany have hands down the best squad. Got to be them
Runner Up: Spain. Can't see them letting what happened at the World Cup happen again.
Final Four: Germany, Spain, England and France
Surprise Team: England. After years of being 'also rans' I think our attack will cause all sorts of issues.
Flop Team: Belgium. Been waiting for them to take off for years, just isn't happening despite the talent.

Second Team: Wales. G'wan the Celtic nations.
Any successes for the home nations? Nah.

Golden Boot: Christiano Ronaldo. Got an easy group stage where he'll rack them up,
Surprise Player: Dele Alli. Not quite a surprise for English fans these days but think there will be those on the continent shocked by how good he is.
Flop Player: Wayne Rooney as always.
First Pundit to Say Something Stupid: Is Wanderers consultant Andy Townsend there? If so then him.
When will Liam stop supporting Ireland and start supporting England again? When September ends.
Your own bonus prediction: Portugal's half back will pass it to centre, centre out to the wing, then back to centre. Centre will hold it.