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Our Euro 2016 Predictions: Tom W

I travel to the future and spoil the Euros...

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

CultOfWilson hops into his DeLorean and tells you all exactly how the Euros will play out, and if you support a home nation that isn't England, unlucky.

How far will England get? Quarter finals
Your England Starting XI: Hart, Clyne, Smalling, Cahill, Rose, Dier, Rooney, Drinkwater, Alli, Vardy, Kane (4-4-2 Diamond)
Who'll score more, Kane or Vardy? Kane, only just.
Will Hodgson remain as manager after the Euros? I highly doubt it, he hasn't been the worst England manager ever but wouldn't mind seeing the back of him.
How far will Wales get? Group stage (Yeah, that's right)
Top Scorer: Gareth Bale
How far will Ireland get? Group stage also.
Top Scorer: Shane Long
How far will Northern Ireland get? The semis. Joking also group stage.
Top Scorer: Will Grigg

Competition Winners: France. Can't quite tell you why it's just a hunch.
Runner Up: Germany, will be an entertaining final but the home advantage will play a big role.
Final Four: Belgium and Spain
Surprise Team: Switzerland
Flop Team: Italy, absolute nothing team.

Second Team: Spain simply because their away kit is borderline pornographic.
Any successes for the home nations? Bale will probably score a cool goal at some point, and Vardy will probably chin someone.
Office sweepstake team? Croatia (I definitely didn't just get a list of all the teams and randomise them just now)

Golden Boot: Either Griezmann or Muller
Surprise Player: Breel Embolo
Flop Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
First Pundit to Say Something Stupid: Robbie Savage will liken himself to Gareth Bale and even go as far as to call Bale his "Spirit animal", a quote which will play a huge part in one of his future court appearances.
When will Liam stop supporting Ireland and start supporting England again? He's smart to stick with those fun loving Irish folk (Still only the group stage for you though)
Your own bonus prediction: This will be the most red carded European Championship to date.

Feel free to put your house on these predictions as I can't see the tournament playing out in any other way, you're welcome.