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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: David Wheater

A man who wants you to think he cares. He doesn't.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Here we are. It's the summer and we are looking back at each and every player who made an appearance for Bolton Wanderers during the 2015/16 season.

Now it's the turn of David Wheater. He wants you to think he's a good egg. I don't think he is.

Appearances - 28(2)

An injury prone liability. An expensive luxury who doesn't give you half as many good performances as his reputation suggests he should. Wheater has been at the club for so long and yet has hardly made any impression. Good riddance.

Minutes Played - 2403

Wheater had a decent reputation, earned through many years hard graft at Middlesbrough. Since signing for Bolton Wanderers however he has been an unreliable presence who has had so many more poor games than those you could consider half decent. This season has been no different, except for the insult to supporters in him so gallantly rejecting his £2,500 appearance bonus for a month. A month. A month in which he still collected nearly £65,000 in salary pay. Do not be fooled by his gesture.

Goals Conceded - 56 (2 per game)

Two goals per game. Just look at that. It's abominable. For someone of his experience and, more importantly, his cost - Wheater's time at the club has been nothing short of disastrous. I am glad he has gone.


Points won per game - 14 at 0.5 points per game. Laughable.

Bookings - 2

Red cards - 0

Overall Season Performance - F

Shit sandwich.

The "gesture" that he made earned him no end of "oooh top man" tweets and such, but the reality isn't quite so rosy in his favour.

He came when we were an established Premier League side. He has left us in Division Three. Good riddance to bad rubbish.