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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: Rob Holding

Our LOV Player of the Year reviews the same review treatment as everyone else....kinda

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Here we are. It's the summer and we are looking back at each and every player who made an appearance for Bolton Wanderers during the 2015/16 season.

Now for your delight and delectation here is Rob Holding. A man for all seasons.

Appearances - 26

Twenty six appearances. That's all it takes to go from a nobody to a somebody - from Bury on loan to the Toulon Tournament with England U21s. Rob Holding is the real deal. With David Dickinson.

Minutes Played - 2238

Rob had bounced around our reserve teams for a while without really making too much of an impression. A single game on loan at Bury last season suggested little as to what lay within. However, once given his chance in the Bolton Wanderers first team Holding strode forth like a giant rutting stag - sweeping the board at the Player of the Year awards and finding a place in all our hearts.

Goals Conceded - 54 (2.07 per game)

He has to take a portion of the blame for our defensive shortcomings, but of course it's a team game and I like Holding so I'll apply different rules here and absolve him of *most* of that blame. Word is that he is off to either Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur as I type this at the arse-end of May. He deserves it.


Points won per game - 15 at 0.58 points per game.

Bookings - 1

Red cards - 1

Overall Season Performance - A+

Roman candles that burn in the night.

Yeah, you are a shining light.

You lit a torch in the infinite.

Yeah, you are a shining light.

Yeah, you light up my life.