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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: Derik Osede

Next up in our statistical analysis is everyone's second favourite afro-adorning Spaniard

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers have a strong pedigree in signing acclaimed Real Madrid centre-halves and transforming them into holding midfielders. So after the success stories that were Ivan Campo and Fernando Hierro, hopes were also high for summer signing Derik Osede.

Appearances - 23 (1 as a sub)

Derik has played exactly half of Bolton's league games this season, taking just 11 points from those games - giving him the worst points per game record of defenders that have played 10 or more matches this season (0.47 points per game).

He impressed in the early 2-1 victory over Wolves before Neil Lennon began his game of right-back bingo, which saw Derik struggle in the unusual position.

Later on this season he's been moved into that defensive midfield role, and looked much more comfortable. He should be a solid player for us next season but he does need to work on his distribution if he's to continue in midfield, as this can be lacking at times.

Goals Conceded - 42 (1.82 per game)

The ratio of 1.82 goals conceded per game is the fourth highest among Bolton defenders to have played more than three games. That figure is partly because he played in the 6-0 mauling by Bristol City and in the four goal hammerings by Huddersfield and Derby.


Pass completion rate - 72.2%, the third best among his defensive colleagues

Bookings - 0, not sure whether this is impressive or not as a centre-back / holding midfielder

Red cards - 1, he saw red in a disastrous performance at Huddersfield

Overall Season Performance - B

Derik has probably been one of the more promising performers towards the end of the season. He looked solid alongside Rob Holding in defence and looks more comfortable pushing into midfield. Hopefully he can be a big player for us in League One next season.