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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: Neil Danns

Danns has been released at the end of his contract after racking up the club's fourth most appearances for an outfield player this season

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Neil Danns has been allowed to move on from Bolton Wanderers after three seasons at the club, at the age of 33.

Appearances - 32 (11 as a sub)

Of Bolton's outfield players, only Mark Davies, Darren Pratley and Liam Feeney have appeared in more games than Neil Danns this season. In those 32 appearances he's spent 2073 minutes on the pitch.

Goals Conceded - 60 (1.88 per game)

The goals conceded per game rate of 1.88 is pretty high, but it's even worse if you consider the amount of time Danns has been on the pitch. Bolton conceded one goal every 34 minutes that Danns played, compared to every 48 minutes that Mark Davies played and every 42 minutes played by Josh Vela.


Points won - 14 at 0.43 per game, nearly three times less than that of Davies and lower than any of the other regular midfield options

Pass completion rate - 85.2%, the second best passing record at the club this season behind Davies

Assists - 0, which says a lot about how effective the above passing completion was

Goals - 2, in the home draws with Brighton and Brentford

Bookings - 4

Red cards - 0

Overall Season Performance - D

Looking at the stats it was probably the right decision to allow Danns to move on. He's had a few decent moments, but this season he has been largely ineffective and, given his record of zero assists, does very little to drive the team forward.