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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: Liam Feeney

If you like your revisionist history then step into my office

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Here we are. It's the summer and we are looking back at each and every player who made an appearance for Bolton Wanderers during the 2015/16 season.

In a list full of now-ex-players, here is Liam Feeney

Appearances - 37(1)

One of Neil Lennon's most favouritest ever players is a man who divides the internet like our very own Piers Morgan. Liam Feeney is an interesting footballer in that he appears to have none of the main skills that you might expect from one, other than running dead fast, and yet he inspires a love greater than anything Whitney Houston could ever conjure up.

Minutes Played - 3243

It is easy to get bogged down in thinking that Feeney is completely hopeless. I don't think anyone really believes that. However, what I believe is that he suffered from being the tallest dwarf. Look at Neil Danns - a man who has largely escaped criticism - that's because he hid from the spotlight. To give Feeney credit he didn't do that. He showed up and he gave his best.

Goals Conceded - 66 (1.8 per game)

As an attacker it's perhaps unfair to go into his defensive statistics, so no doubt someone will pipe up with his assist stats, which are equally meaningless.


Points won per game - 25 at 0.68 points per game.

Passing - 77.9%

Bookings - 1

Red cards - 0

Overall Season Performance - B

I think the best compliment I can pay him is that when he left to join Ipswich Town on loan we absolutely definitely missed him.

His pace on the counter and his willingness to pitch in are both qualities lacking in his more technically-gifted teammates. I am grateful for his efforts and wish him the best whereever he ends up.

Probably at Wigan Athletic.