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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: Liam Trotter

Slow and steady wins the race, according to the popular saying - it doesn't apply to Liam Trotter

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Here we are. It's the summer and we are looking back at each and every player who made an appearance for Bolton Wanderers during the 2015/16 season.

Step up Liam Trotter - that would be a first.

Appearances - 13(5)

He looks like he should be good. I've seen him play well - for other teams. Why is Liam Trotter such an enigma? Another who suffers far too many injuries - but word was that he impressed for Nottingham Forest when on loan under ex-Bolton Wanderers boss Dougie Freedman. What is he? What is he?

Minutes Played - 776

A squad member, yet virtually invisible. We all laugh at Filip Twardzik and his non-existent Bolton career but I bet Twardzik is on half of what Trotter earns, and they do the same thing. Completely forgettable.

Goals Conceded - 31 (2.6 per game)

There you have it. We don't do very well when he's in the side. Trotter came to the club on the back of some excellent performances at Millwall - we've seen maybe two. In two years.


Points won per game - 6 at 0.46 points per game.

Passing - 72.5%

Bookings - 1

Red cards - 0

Overall Season Performance - D

He exists. That's about all you can say on Liam Trotter.

If he is to stay at the club then we need to see some serious improvement.