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Tyler Garratt Sold To Doncaster Rovers

Bolton Wanderers young left back is sold to the League 2 team

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Tyler Garratt has joined Doncaster Rovers in a permanent deal.

The 19 year old left back had broken through under Jimmy Phillips last year and had looked like he'd be an asset in our League 1 campaign this year. It must be noted he did only make 3 appearances but he did impress in that short spell.

On face value I am not best pleased. We now have 1 left back at the club, we would have got absolute peanuts for him and he did look to be a decent player in the short time we had to see him.

I would also add that Phil Parkinson has only had one day with the players so I doubt he's had any chance to see him in action.

On the flip side; we have probably inserted a huge sell on fee in case he turns out to be decent, the fact he's going to League 2 club alludes to him not being as good as he looked and the money might go to some other decent players who have been mooted in recent days.

Wish him the best but don't be too good now you've gone. Ta.