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A Season in Statistics Player-By-Player: Shola Ameobi

He can ride a bike and eat an apple at the same time. Can you?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Here we are. It's the summer and we are looking back at each and every player who made an appearance for Bolton Wanderers during the 2015/16 season.

He's a Newcastle United's Shola Ameobi.

Appearances - 8(2) - 2 goals

Signed with a snigger from the footballing universe, Bolton Wanderers manager Neil Lennon brought in the former Newcastle and Stoke City striker to bolster a failing strikeforce. To be fair, he certainly improved our striking offer but then again let's face it, more or less anyone could have. Anyone except Gary Madine.

Minutes Played - 547 - 0.25 goals per game

Following a goal on his debut, Ameobi would go on to be an important part of the side for the short time in which he remained in Bolton. With the stereotypical 'good feet for a big man' shout ringing in his ears he impressed with the ball at his feet - so long as he wasn't stood in front of goal at the same time.


Points won per game - 7 at 0.7 points per game.

Passing - 70.5%

Bookings - 3

Red cards - 0

Overall Season Performance - C

He tried his best, and that's all we can ask. The messy way in which he left was nothing to do with him either. According to legend he offered to play for free, but the terms of our transfer embargo meant that we had to decline. I doubt his staying at the club would have made too much difference, but you never know eh.