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Our Euro 2016 Predictions: Quentin X

Yeah, my actual surname is Irish too.

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

How far will England get? Quarter Finals. It's always the quarter finals. Why should it be any different this time?

Your England Starting XI: Hart, Walker, Rose, Cahill, Smalling, Dier, Sterling, Rooney, Ali, Kane, Sturridge. (4-4-2 Diamond)

Who'll score more, Kane or Vardy? Kane will start more so should score more. But he's an England striker on a big stage, so it'll be a moot point. Rooney will probably outscore the pair of them.

Will Hodgson remain as manager after the Euros? No if they go out at the group stage. Yes if any further.

How far will Wales get? I can see them getting out of the group as one of the best third placed teams but no further considering who they could come up against.

Top Scorer: Gareth Bale. Can't name another Welsh player.

How far will Ireland get? Heart says we'll win it. Head says group stages, but pluckily and drinking a lot.

Top Scorer: Jon Walters

How far will Northern Ireland get? Group stages, but pluckily and drinking almost as much as the Republic.

Top Scorer: Kyle Lafferty

Competition Winners: Can never look any further then Germany.

Runner Up: Belgium. They'll miss Kompany but I think they've got enough to go far.

Final Four: Germany, Spain, Belgium and France

Surprise Team: Croatia. Depending on how their group finishes.

Flop Team: England. They have the team to go all the way. However, as with most England teams in the past fifty years, they'll bottle it before they get anywhere near.

Second Team: Let's get this straight. First team is Ireland. Second team would be Iceland. First ever finals and a certain former Bolton player in their ranks.

Any successes for the home nations? Seriously?

Golden Boot: Cristiano Ronaldo. Austria and Hungary won't be able to contain him.

Surprise Player: Marcus Rashford. Only because other teams won't be as fully aware of him compared to other players. Still won't help England though.

Flop Player: Raheem Sterling.  Please.

First Pundit to Say Something Stupid: If I can include commentators then it will be the incomparable Clive Tyldesley. If it's a pundit then I'd say Rio Ferdinand who I have less time for than Darren Pratley, if that's possible.

When will Liam stop supporting Ireland and start supporting England again? Why would he?

Your own bonus prediction: Mrs X will be popping a lot of empty cans of Guinness in the recycling.