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Fans' Federation Blasts Bolton on Ticket Prices

The FSF is not happy with Wanderers' away tickets offering

£30 to come here for League One football?
£30 to come here for League One football?
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Fresh from Sheffield United fans being unimpressed by Bolton Wanderers charging them £30 for the right to visit Macron Stadium on the opening day of the season, the club has now come under fire from the Football Supporters' Federation (FSF).

The FSF has widely lobbied for all away tickets across the country to be capped at a maximum of £20, in its Twenty's Plenty campaign, and is unimpressed that Wanderers continue to charge well above this ideal even now they have been demoted to League One.

In response to this, the FSF told LOVS:

"The campaign against high ticket prices has achieved some significant victories in recent months, most notably the Premier League's agreement to cap away prices at £30, which came about after a long-running FSF campaign called "Twenty's Plenty for Away Tickets" which applies to all levels of the game, and we're pleased to say Lion of Vienna Suite backed.

"As match-going fans know, high prices aren't just a problem in the top-flight, there are still far too many at Football League level too as this example shows. £30 is too much for a League One fixture and, should our affiliates at Bolton Wanderers or Sheffield United plan any activity around the fixture, we'd be happy to support that however we can.

"At this weekend's Supporters Summit we'll also be looking at ways forward for the ticket campaign, with a specific focus on Football League issues. We don't want to preempt that discussion but we think there's scope for many more Football League clubs to do "reciprocal deals" which would reduce costs for away supporters who don't benefit from season ticket discounts or local promotions."

According to BBC Sport's Price of Football report, last season in League One only one club charged home or away fans £30 or more for a match day ticket. Bizarrely that was Colchester United, who had a most expensive ticket price of £31 and got relegated.

Elsewhere in the league, the most expensive ticket price for away fans at Sheffield United was £27, the likes of Barsnley, Bradford and Blackpool's most expensive away ticket was £25, ande champions Wigan Athletic didn't charge away fans more than £20.

There's therefore a clear gap between the ticket prices announced by Bolton, and what other clubs in the league are charging.

Furthermore, the FSF followed up on our article yesterday by pondering, would supporters of third tier clubs anywhere else across Europe consider paying £30 to see their team? My thoughts are absolutely not, but we'll keep an eye on any feedback they receive on that question.

The FSF is holding its annual Supporters' Summit at Wembley this Saturday, if you'd like more information or fancy getting involved click here.