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Opinion: Alex Honeyball - The New Rob Holding?

Matt saw the future last night, and it's delightful

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

As you have no doubt read today, there was a football match last night. I went to see Bolton Wanderers U21 side beat Stafford Rangers 2-1 in a tough game, and you can see my triallist review and Samizadeh report on this very site.

The aforementioned players were all very nice, but the highlight for me was discovering one Alex Honeyball. Someone who really impressed me and made me wonder that if the impending sale of Rob Holding might not be the disaster that we all fear.

He is big, commanding and our U21 captain - oh and hE was utterly brilliant,

I don’t want to get too carried away considering the opponent of the day but they threw everything at him from big wily centre forwards to quick and tricky strikers and he dealt with all-comers with ease.

Honeyball wOn everything in the air, picked smart passes into midfield, covered ground extremely well for a lad of his size and with the captains armband on was very vocal and commanding with his defence.

One example late in the second half a pacy Stafford front man found his way towards goal and Honeyball made a delightful sliding tackle from behind which rebounded to the edge of the box and fired at goal, where he’d somehow managed to recover and clear off the line and away.

I’m excited about him and look forward to seeing him around the first team in the not so distant future I’m sure.

The new Rob Holding?