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Why Bolton Wanderers' Rob Holding Should Reject Arsenal Move

He'd be foolish not to heed my advice

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

So it's happening.

As per friend of the site Marc Iles, Bolton Wanderers starlet Rob Holding has tonight undergone a medical at Premier League no-hopers Arsenal with a fee of around £2.5m rumoured to have been agreed.

I can understand why he might find such a move attractive, but I think there are more cons than pros. Here's a short shortlist:

1) Arsene Wenger is rubbish at promoting English talent

He's had some fine talents at his disposal over the years - Cesc Fabregas, Christopher Wreh and Igors Stepanovs to name just three - but Areenal boss Wenger is appalling when it cokes to English players being brought through the ranks. Theo Walcott, Calum Chambers, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieron Gibbs are the first three names that spring to mind, but looking back in time you could cite Francis Jeffers and Carl Jenkinson as those signed for good money and who's careers went nowhere.

2) London is a dump riddled with crime

It's a city with a lot going for it. Numerous kebab shops and dozens of betting shops await you.

However, you'll also find a crime-ridden hellhole where even a small one bedroom flat costs upwards of £12m. No joke.

There are small communities, known as Albert Squares, in which all sorts of mad shit goes down. Rob is a young man with the world at his feet and I'm really worried about him in the big city.

3) Arsenal fans are lame

Not literally lame, but they are the worst.

Piers Morgan, him from Jonathan Creek and Bradley Walsh to name but three. Look anywhere online and you'll see hundreds and thousands of them citing websites such as Sqwaka when judging a player. "Oh his pass completion rate is 8% higher than Nemanja Matic". That sort of bollocks.

They think they are a big team, which is funny when they've been an irrelevance for so long.

Desperately holding on to some sort of mid 2000s reputation as an English version of Barcelona whilst simultaneously playing Danny Welbeck only furthers the sense of delusion.

4) Twitter

Seriously, check out the #AFC and #Arsenal tags. Far worse than anything we could muster.

5) Arsenal FanTV

A YouTube television channel ostensibly set up to provide overseas fans with immediate reaction post-game interviews with supporters leaving the ground.

However, in reality it has created a cattle market of shock-jock style journalism, feeding on the delusions and insecurities if some of football's most idiotic supporters.

The notoriety enjoyed by one or two of the participants should be enough to put Rob Holding off a move to London.

6) They're the wrong club for him

He'd be better served moving somewhere where he'd be assured of immediate first team football. A Bournemouth, Everton or Celtic would give Rob exposure and minutes on the field which will help his development more than sitting on a beach at Arsenal or playing in the Championship on loan.

Rob is 21 and needs to play every week. This will not happen at Arsenal under Wenger.