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Remember When Andy Todd Broke Bolton Wanderers Assistant Boss Phil Brown's Jaw?

I was having a drink and got to thinking

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

Back in November 1999, Bolton Wanderers were under the leadership of the new England boss (how good does it feel to think that?) Sam Allardyce.

Allardyce had taken over from Colin Todd previously, who had resigned following the board's decision to raise much-needed funds by selling midfielder Per Frandsen to Blackburn Rovers for £1.6m.

He inherited a squad low on confidence, and immediately went about instilling a fresh team spirit, and what better way to do that than by a squad getaway?

The team headed to the fancy-shmancy Mottram Hall in Cheshire, where they proceeded to have a round of golf, and then get completely wasted.

All well and good so far.

However, amongst the squad was Todd's son, Andy. A hotheaded midfielder who became a hotheaded central defender, Andy Todd was a peripheral figure under Allardyce and it is not a huge stretch to imagine that he felt a bit miffed-off that his old man was elbowed out for the new lad.

So during this bonding session, it is rumoured that Phil Brown, Allardyce's assistant manager and a former Bolton player himself, had been niggling Andy Todd all day about his dad's failings. Popular myth then leads to a coming-together in the men's bogs with Todd smashing an ashtray into Brown's head, breaking his jaw.

Those were the days, eh? Thankfully well in the past now.

I'll give Todd one bit of credit, his punch on Collymore's chin was a belter.