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Recent Events & the Future of Lion of Vienna Suite

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Apologies for the serious title, but I wanted to make a serious post for once.

As the editor of this fine website, I am happy to receive any praise that comes our way and equally happy to face any grief that we get.

In light of recent events and recent criticism of our approach, I've decided that we are going to have a change here at Lion of Vienna Suite Towers.

Without doubt we have, in good faith, at times published stories based on weaker evidence presented to us by various sources. Moving forward, we will only be doing this when we are 100% confident in the origin of the reports. We appreciate that mistakes have been made. We are excitable people, and not professionals, at the end of the day.

This was all in good faith and actions we believed were for the greater good, as at Lion of Vienna we feel we have a unique responsibility to the Bolton Wanderers fans. It must be acknowledged that there is a profound difference between the sort of story that we can run and that an entity such as the Bolton News cannot - for political reasons.

Unfortunately for Bolton Wanderers fans, there is a world that exists behind what is presented to the public; we have tried to bring that to you. At times we do accept that we have jumped the gun and posted without fully checking and confirming what we have been told. The desire to get this news out to Bolton Wanderers fans comes from our own inherent curiosity and love for the club. Moving forward, we will ensure that a greater amount discretion is used.

We 100% trust our sources and would never betray their identities to those who wish to discover them. While we truly believe every piece of information we received from them was, at least at one point, true, not everything can stay thus when the environment at our club is constantly changing, so things often appear to be incorrect to the public.

Quite recently, our site has been accused, by various quarters, of trying to 'destabilise' the club. We vehemently refute these claims. We are all die-hard supporters and want the club to thrive.

On a surprising note, we have also been accused of being puppets of both the Supporters Trust and of Sports Shield - two organisations with very different corporate strategies. Whilst some of our contributors are members of the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust, others are not. Our direct connection ended when one of our contributors left the Trust's social media team some months ago.

When the recent takeover of the club was ongoing, we had information passed to us from both sides in an effort to help differing parties make progress in their bids to buy the club. As a site, we chose to support Sports Shield as we believed in their approach and their ideas about how to move the club forward. Since the buyout we have had Dean Holdsworth on our podcast. The Lion of Vienna Suite has had no contact at all with Sports Shield since 22nd February.

As for the future of the Lion of Vienna Suite, we are hoping to move away from being described in colourful terms as 'clickbait dickheads' and back to being the best Bolton Wanderers blog in town.

If we hear anything in the future that we feel you, a Bolton Wanderers supporter, NEEDS to know, we will debate it with every member of our team and decide on whether we publish it. In the meantime, we won't be as gungho with our stories because we’re not professionals and we really can’t be bothered with the backlash we receive for trying to bring information to a fanbase that has so long been shrouded in lies.

As Managing Editor, I am hopeful that you, the readers, will appreciate these efforts and notice a change in the coming days and weeks. At the end of the day, we are just a group of fans who love to talk and write about our club.


Chris Manning

Managing Editor

The Lion of Vienna Suite