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Immediate Reaction: Blackpool 4-2 Bolton Wanderers

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Another away day, another defeat

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers lost away again. It was ever thus.

Following the game via radio (and the occasional Periscope video) is never ideal, but even from that perspective it appeared to be, in many ways, the typical Bolton performance - Phil Parkinson aside.

Wanderers dominated the first hour of the game, leading 1-0 following Jamie Proctor's first goal for the club, but a series of wasted chances and a host of individual errors through to the remaining hour (including extra time) saw us drop out of the cup at the first hurdle.

From what I could glean, too many players had too many off-days - which as we know is an all-too familiar occurrence with this bunch of players.

Has the manager cleared out enough of the dead wood? I'm not sure. I don't know if the losing mentality that has surrounded the club in the past five seasons has been exorcised. We have a core of players in our ranks who have played a part in a series of failures.

In the grand scheme of things it may not be a total disaster, and I'll write more about that later today, but at this moment in time it hurts to lose - especially after playing so well.

If anything, it'll show Parkinson who he can and cannot rely on going forward. I hope he heeds the lessons of last night's game.