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Player Ratings: Blackpool 4-2 Bolton

Maybe surprisingly high

Matthew Ashton/Getty Images

I still really don't know how Bolton Wanderers lost against Blackpool, we should have been 4-0 up before they even scored their first yet alas we have been dumped out of the Capital One Cup by the Seasiders.

I won't be dwelling too much on this game, so we'll just dive right in with the ratings:

Ben Amos - 6

I've not seen the goals back yet because there doesn't seem to be footage of the game anywhere, so I don't know if Amos was at fault for any of the goals, because I wasn't paying attention that often. Nothing he could have done for the second goal though. From what I did watch he seemed solid, caught everything and his distribution was good.

Lawrie Wilson - 5

Dear Lawrie is quite clumsy on the ball and often leaves the right side of the defence exposed as he hasn't got the pace to trackback. Probably saw more of the ball than any other player and had a couple of crosses, but him and Taylor on the right side needs to not happen again.

Alex Finney - 7

Impressive showing from Finney, who really looks to have pushed on during the summer. As with Amos I don't know if he was really at fault for any goals, but he was tidy throughout. Strong, pacey, good in the air and worked well with Beevers. I'm happy with him being back up in defence this season, though I do think he's capable of a sporadic brain fart.

Mark Beevers  - 7

Another great performance from the centre half who's quickly going to find himself a fan favourite at the Macron Stadium. He's commanding, dominant and surprisingly pacey for a man of his considerable size. He's going to be massive for us this season.

Dean Moxey - 5

Just a typical Dean Moxey performance with nothing really to write home about. Up and down all game and was just alright.

Derik Osede - 6

Derik was withdrawn in the first half apparently due to a groin injury, which was a shame because he was playing really well in the position in front of the defence but behind the midfield. He was reading the game and intercepting Blackpool's rare attempts at passing forwards, and was dictating the game well with a passing. Hope he gets another opportunity in midfield.

Tom Walker - 4.5

Walker showed glimpses of promise and I'm pretty sure he's our best set piece deliver, but it's clear he has a long way to go, needs to bulk up and improve his decision making. He needs to be played on the left rather than the right, he really isn't an inverted winger.

Liam Trotter - 6

Trotter is such a weird player because he's the most immobile footballer I've ever seen, but he clearly has talent too. Playing alongside Davies he was constantly linking up with him with brilliant first time passes on the edge of the box, which really showed off his spacial awareness. I don't know if he'll ever get a real run in the team to gain momentum, but I feel on that performance he could actually be useful in his actual position in attacking midfield.

Mark Davies - 1/8

It was a mixed game for Davies as he was simultaneously the best and worst Bolton player. At times he was a class above and was skipping past Blackpool players with ease, however he should have scored a hat trick. On three separate occasions he got in behind the defence and was in a perfect position to score, but every time he opted to pass the ball rather than just fucking shoot. Each pass was either awful or went to a player who was immediately hounded by five players. It's indicative of his career, so much promise but such little delivered.

Chris Taylor - 3

The agendas that are going to be launched against Chris Taylor this season are going to be spectacular, he's going to induce Liam Feeney level fumes. He's slow, not skilful and can't cross. It's going to be a fun year.

Jamie Proctor - 7

I was very impressed with Proctor. He ran for everything, scored a well taken goal and displayed some excellent hold up play. On one occasion he plucked the ball out of the sky, held off two defenders, brought the ball inside and started off the move that should have seen Bolton awarded a penalty.


Josh Vela - 4

Vela, in midfield, is like Carbon Monoxide, he's everywhere but can't actually be seen. I really don't like him in that defensive midfield because he's all effort but doesn't actually have an effect on the game. He either needs to played at right back or further forward in midfield, or not at all.

Gary Madine - 5

Don't remember him kicking the ball.

Kaiyne Woolery - 6

The youngster took his goal extraordinarily well, and finished with the composure of someone far beyond his years. His celebration was also the best we've had in a long time, which makes it a bit of shame it was wasted on this game. He's the only Bolton player who has any serious pace and if he can continue to take his chances like that when he gets opportunities he'll be starting before long.