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Lion Of Vienna Suite Fantasy Football League

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Focus really hard on it for 4 weeks, then forget about it completely!

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Here at LOV Towers we've decided to have another crack at this fantasy league lark. It's going to be more in depth and more competitive than last year as there'll be frequent updates on the leaders and losers and articles on tips and tactics.

It is the same League as last year so if you were in that league last year, all you have to do is make a new team. If you want to join the super, sexy and awesome league then all you have to do is click the 'Leagues' tab and put this pin in:


There will be an amazing, exciting prize for the winner which is still being sorted (The contributors are looking through some of their own Bolton memorabilia, such as Chris' collection of Campo's jock straps, to find a suitable prize).

7 Top Tips For Building a Team:

1. Manchester City will play from the back a lot this year. Will the concede more as well? No to Hart and their defenders from me.

2. Klopp loves his midfielders. They might be scoring more than average as well.

3. Tony Pulis still in charge of West Brom. Got to be a lot of clean sheets there.

4. Dare to Zlatan

5. Kante is only £5 Million and in a Chelsea side that should be getting clean sheets all day long.

6. Don't waste cash on substitutes.

7. Holding is £4.5 Million and Arsenal have sod all fit CB's. Probably some points for cheap there.

Best of luck all!