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Reviewing the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust App

So it's come to this.

Lion of Vienna Suite has turned its hand before to a great many different elements of following Bolton Wanderers.

We've reviewed kits, we've reviewed footballers, football matches and opposition players, teams and stadiums.

Now we're reviewing an app. Words I never thought I'd type.

Being a member of the Trust and having paid my tenner, I gave them a follow on Twitter @BWFCST where you'll find countless references to that damned Legends game that included maybe three or four actual legends.

In between this promotion, I noticed that they had released their very own app, imaginatively titled BWFC Supporters Trust. So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

My initial thoughts are that I really don't know what it is meant to be, or to do.

With a bit of difficulty I manoeuvred around to find an entire section devoted to promoting local businesses, which is no great crime, other than it perhaps being an effect of the amount of personal data that we have all given up to the Trust.

If you like targeted marketing then perhaps it's for you. It isn't for me.

There is a very large section devoted to photographs of Wanderers fans at the match - with the impression given that they have been given to the app via the 'Supporters Selfies' section. The photos all look a bit professional to be promoted in such a casual manner, but that's just my opinion.

There is also a potentially useful 'Away Day Grounds' section that is a snazzy Google Maps clone, but again you have to find it in a confusing maze of other sections which again includes the promoting of partner businesses. Not really that user-friendly, sadly.

I clicked on 'Message Centre' and was met by one message saying 'THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING' followed by 'EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF AT BELLA ITALIA HORWICH'. Really getting to the beating heart of Wanderers fandom there lads. We're in it for the bants, the football and the discounts at low-rent Italian chains.

The 'App User Registration' section offers the user a chance to gain 'news', 'exclusive special offers' and other vague elements, buy yet again you have to submit personal information to the app. I wonder where this is all heading?

So in short, I deleted the app and doubt I'll be going back unless it receives much more relevant content in the future.

One thing to mention - it seems odd that an app has been released and their very own website appears to have been ignored for a good period of time.

Is this where our £10 went? If so, then it's not what I would have expected. I'm told by a member of the steering group board that the creation of the app hasn't cost the trust a single penny, in their defence.

You can make up your own minds by downloading it here, if you're an iPhone person, and here if you're normal, like me.