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Lion Of Vienna Fantasy Football League Update

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A look at the winner's and the loser's 2 weeks in

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It has been 2 weeks since the season kicked off which is more than enough time to have a quick gander at our old fantasy league. There have been some line up shocks that will have no doubt cost some managers dearly: Joe Hart being benched for Willy (hehe) Caballero. Harry Kane not looking the striker of last year and Manchester United keeping Mkhitaryan on the bench.

Now like a good progressive sports day, there are no winners or losers... Except for the teams on the lists below. This is our current top 3 and bottom 3.

The Top 3

- Don't be a Hierro - 153 points

- The Reds Seromban - 144

- Piqué Blinders - 140

Bottom 3

englishbwfc whites - 58

Zebra-himovic - 56

Show me the Mané - 55

Plenty of time to switch this around though. Still the point in the season where this could all be reversed in one week.


Well I don't mean to brag, wait, yes. Yes I do. Basically if you had all listened to my first load of tips, you'd have had more points than a plate of cheese and pineapple cubes. Lets look back:

7 Top Tips For Building a Team:

1. Manchester City will play from the back a lot this year. Will the concede more as well? No to Hart and their defenders from me. - Check. City have conceded in both games and Hart is no where to be seen.

2. Klopp loves his midfielders. They might be scoring more than average as well. Check. 2 goals for Coutinho and one goal apiece for Lallana and Mane in their first game. All midfielders.

3. Tony Pulis still in charge of West Brom. Got to be a lot of clean sheets there. Check. Clean sheet in the first game

4. Dare to Zlatan. Check. 3 goals, 2 games.

5. Kante is only £5 Million and in a Chelsea side that should be getting clean sheets all day long. Fail. No clean sheets as yet. He is starting though so guaranteed points from a cheap midfielder.

6. Don't waste cash on substitutes. Check. Always right.

7. Holding is £4.5 Million and Arsenal have sod all fit CB's. Probably some points for cheap there. Check. He's started both games thus far and has kept his spot over Callum Chambers. Bad first week but a clean sheet this week has made him a bargain of a buy.

New Tips

1. Everything West Brom do in an attacking sense is going through Rondon. Might not be in the top scorers list this year, but as a third, cheap striker, he'll get a lot of points.

2. Mata has surprisingly kept his place in the Manchester United team. Although with time he might end up benched, he's playing well at them moment. When you look at the players around him in that attack, he's bound to get chances and assists.

3. Leicester seem to be having a bit of a hangover. They've done ok in the first couple but they're not looking like champions. perhaps best to sell now and look for a form team.

4. The transfer window is still open! Keep an eye on any decent players coming in.

5. Use your wildcard early. I always do this. You always have 4 or 5 players not getting points early on in the season. Maybe they're benched or their new manager doesn't rate them? Instead of waiting, get rid early.

Team In Focus

Seeing as I'm the one doing this football league it's only fair that the first team to go under the spotlight should be Chris Manning's team: The Gotham Rogues.

Chris has plumped for Cech in goal. A wise move. Then a back three of Evans (the scummy bastard), Bellerin and  Alderweireld. Solid. I like that. His midfield consists of Sigurdsson, Fletcher of West Brom, Coutinho and Dier. Be interested to see how many goals come from that lot. Sigurdsson usually good at getting goals but think Swansea might struggle this year. The three pronged attack of Rooney, Costa and Aguero completes the team. Definitely goals there. Would have Zlatan over Rooney and Costa mind.

Finally the kit is yet to be designed so I can't comment on Chris' fashion sense.

Best of luck with week three onward people. We'll do another update in a few weeks.