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Ticket Info Released For Tin-Pot Two-Bob Match with Everton Under 11s or summat

Wanderers desperately trying to pretend that someone cares here

Everton penalty

The Checkatrade Trophy.

I don't know who Checkatrade are. I presume they're like or the likes.

Either way they're the sponsors of this stupid new competition that Bolton Wanderers are part of.

We face Everton U23s at the Reebok next week in a fixture that NOBODY is looking forward to. It'll be Conor Wilkinson and his mates. Maybe Alex Samizadeh. I suspect Gary Madine won't score, regardless.

In terms of Everton U23, I have no idea whatsoever who will be turning up for them.

This lack of interest is summed up by the ticket details, which have been announced by the club.

Costing a fiver (which is £4.50 too much) and kicking off at 7pm at Macron Stadium, with admission only being granted through the West Lower for us, and the away end for Everton fans.

So there you go.

A tin-pot, two-bob trophy being treated with the respect it deserves.

Nobody cares.

Let's all just pretend it's not happening.