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Transfer Deadline day: Will Bolton Take Part?

Will Bolton Wanderers be able to sacrifice any players so more can come come in?

As you all know, there has probably been more excitement in the late Mother Teresa's knickers, than there has for Bolton Wanderers fans on transfer deadline day over the last few years.

With the new loan rules and a bit of money in the back pocket, this year could be different. Ironically, I'm going to be on holiday and will bloody miss it, but that's another story.

Anyhow, it's been reported that the manager god that is Parky, is after a centre back and striker, with a winger thrown in if possible. With all the freebies pretty much taken now, it seems that the club is after Prem youngsters who need loan experience or indeed loan players in the last year of their contract, a la Andy Taylor.

Good news is that apparently we don't need to sell players to bring money into the club, which hopefully means Jay Spearing, Kaiyne Woolery and Josh Vela will all stay a the club. One complication though, according to reports in the media, is that the transfer embargo limitations effectively mean that current players need to leave, to enable new players to arrive.

Whilst a bit of a bugger, it does make for an intriguing last week of transfers and maybe even an exciting deadline day. I'd guess we're looking at players like Alex Finney, where contracts are affordable enough to mutually cancel, loans out like George Newell, or actually selling someone like Rob Holding, as ways to free up some spaces for newcomers. Discounting the new arrivals, we have:

Ben Amos:

No chance he's going anywhere, despite his high salary and long contract. Can't see Parky taking the risk of just having a development squad player as a backup.

Lawrie Wilson:

Unlikely as he's the only real competition for Buxton. Hopefully, Vela and Derik aren't considered for the right back role going forward...

Dorian Dervite:

The fucker's injured.

Derik Osede:

I'm a big fan of Derik and think he can do a great job as a defensive midfielder. However, Spearing is playing out of his skin in that position and there are other options in Trotter and Vela. I get the feeling he doesn't fit in Parky's plans. Derik's on good money though so difficult to move on. A possibility though.

Dean Moxey:

Mr hit and miss. Unlikely as the only competition for Taylor at left back, unfortunately. I'm not a fan.

Jay Spearing:

I Just can't see him going. The lad has made himself the lynchpin of the team, is temporary captain and in great form.

Josh Vela:

Two weeks ago I'd had him down as a cert to leave. But his recent bomb burst of good form, in a position that works for him further up the field, now makes it unlikely. Could be sacrificed I guess, if other central midfielders can't be got rid of or are considered good enough to cover his loss.

Liam Trotter:

Will anyone have him? Is a concern because if nobody does, I wonder if Vela is sacrificed to bring that striker in.

Darren Pratley:

Injured, so going nowhere. A shame as I reckon he'd have been a good shout to move on.

Mark Davies:

I wish. He's never fulfilled his potential. So frustrating to have a player with his skills not producing. Out on loan for a year is possible although his big salary will put him out of range of a lot of clubs. One for January perhaps.

Tom Walker:

Nailed on I'd say. I do like him as a player but he seems to have lost his way. Hopefully, he can go out on loan, get game time and come back a decent player. I'll be surprised if he's still with us on 01 Sep.

Gary Madine:

Nope. Not happening. An ideal Parky player for league one.

Max Clayton:

Hope not and don't think it's likely he'll leave. Injury prone at the moment as well. Club will be looking to do a 'Wheater' on him and get him fit to play more regularly.

Zach Clough:

Possible but once again his injury record could scupper any bids. Possibly our only player who we'd get actual decent transfer money for. Personally hope he gets another season with us.

Kaiyne Woolery:

I'd like to think as our only player with scorching pace, alongside raw ability, he's a cert to stay.

Conor Wilkinson:

Reported in media as a mister attitude type. Allegedly on a good wage, which will put clubs off. Loan out our best bet I think. Don't rate him at all. Plus he's blocked me for no reason on Twitter. Not that I'm bitter. The bastard.

Parky has got a lot to consider over the next few days. It'll be interesting to hear how he takes the squad forward.

So that's my thoughts. Let me know if you agree or disagree below the line.