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Opinion: Should Bolton Sell Zach Clough?

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He's our star player but, given his recent injury problems, is he worth keeping?

BWFC striker Zach Clough
BWFC striker Zach Clough
Dave Thompson/Getty Images

The end of the transfer window is nearly upon us and Zach Clough is injured again. At the start of this window the two things I wanted Bolton Wanderers to achieve was keeping both him and Rob Holding to get us out of this league. Now Holding is gone and I’m not even sure Clough is vital to a good season.

We now find ourselves in a position where we have to cut the squad before we can add to it. It appears that one of the major stumbling blocks to signing the two loan players we’ve been told about is that we must offload two squad players before they can be added. If they are both forwards, maybe cashing in on Clough is the right move?

It’s amazing to think that this would even be a consideration given how good Clough is and could potentially be in the future but he has two question marks about him that aren’t going away: is he able to cope physically and can he stay injury free? With respect to the latter point it appears to be a resounding no. While it has been reported on this site that Zach has done some bulking over the summer this doesn’t matter if he’s still on the treatment table and, with a dodgy hamstring, he could be on it for some time.

However, if this injury curse abates then he could easily be the creative spark needed to propel us back to the Championship for next year, not to mention the fact his goals could have the same effect. In terms of ability only Mark Davies rivals him and I’m sure all BWFC fans would agree that Clough shows this talent a lot more frequently than Mavies. Could we really find someone better given our current league status?

Frankly, this discussion has come too late for anything to happen in this window but if he has only played a handful of games come January with little impact it could well be a viable option that would give the club some much needed financial relief without harming the team too much. I think he’s still worth keeping based on his current ability and potential, but unfortunately we have had too many injured superstars in the past to make that costly mistake once again.