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Bolton Wanderers 1-1 MK Dons: Immediate Reaction

Wanderers remain unbeaten and top this season but no win in 3

Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

There wasn't much to discuss pre-game; the team lined up much in the same fashion as it has in the previous 6 games this season but ultimately it is to be Wanderers 3rd draw on the spin. This does mean we retain our place at the top of League 1 and we are still unbeaten this season but it is a game we will ultimately feel like we should be getting something out of.

The ref it must be said was absolutely awful. Horrible. Shite. The worst person ever. He missed so many fouls. Gave MK Dons a penalty when it was outside the box and then refused Wanderers a clear penalty seconds later. It's not a good enough excuse normally but this ref really affected the outcome of this game. We could have easily lost it if the penalty came to anything.

Wanderers goal came in the shape of Mark Beavers after a scramble at a corner. It is the only thing his season has been missing thus far and it is thoroughly deserved. Unfortunately the early nature of the goal seemed to kill Wanderers impetus. Think a tactics change is needed. We've set up the same so far this season and teams are seemingly getting used to it.

Mk Dons had several good spells and we've had to rely on Mark Howard, the penalty saving God, to keep us in it at certain points. It can't be overstated what a difference he's made. Even in areas where he has drawn criticism; distribution for example, he did well at today. He nearly set up Keshi Anderson who got in to a 1 vs 2 situation after a great throw by Howard. Unfortunately he shot right at the keeper.

With my positive hat on: Still top and 7 unbeaten. With my negative hat, 3 games with no win. Parky needs to shake things up in the next game in hunt of three points. Too many draws can be as bad for morale as losses. Onward!