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Fantasy Football League Update

A snapshot of the dramatic Lion of Vienna Football League

I've styled myself on AVB. Quiet. Thoughtful. But not doing that well
I've styled myself on AVB. Quiet. Thoughtful. But not doing that well
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It has been another couple of weeks since our last update and the form of teams in the Premier League is becoming more apparent. It should be now clear who are the players to pick up; especially before their price inflates. Some unexpected form from teams like Stoke and Everton will have no doubt cost and gained people some points.

I've personally had a bit of a mare. Transferring in Hazard when his form dipped. Aguero being suspended and having De Gea in goal when United decide they're going to revert to type. Because of this I'm dropping quicker than Owen Coyle's stock. Other people however haven't picked a team of talentless  wankers, so let's see how they are doing.

TOP 3:

1st - Don't be a Hierro 317pts (cracking name)

2nd - Sporting Campo 311pts

3rd - Lallanas in pyjamas 292pts

Then again, some people have done worse than I:

Bottom 3:

191st - Kedah Empire - 159pts

192nd - englishbwfc whites 151pts

193rd - Late comers 84pts (ouch)

Just the TIP

A couple for you this week. Doesn't hold much credibility when I'm doing shite but still.

Get Capoue in your team. He wont keep scoring forever but even when he does he's still going to be brimming with confidence. He's still dirt cheap but his price is rising by the week.

City are looking like the form team. Manchester United have been faltering, as have Chelsea. Make sure you use all three spots available for City players.

Team In Focus

Wood's Wanderers

Only fair seeing as I looked at Chris' out last week I now look at the shower of shite that is my own team.

First of all we have De Gea in goal which earned me a total of 1 point this week. This burns as I have Jakupovic on the bench who got 7 this week.  In defence I have a double of West Brom and 1 Everton player. Dawson,  McAuley and Williams. Together they earned 3 this week. Pulis needs to sort his clean sheets out. In midfield I have Kante, Capoue, Lamela, Hazard and Coutinho. Whilst Capoue earned me ten points I was let down by Lamela and Hazard who only managed 2 each. Up front I had more success with Zlatan and Rondon both earning 10 points each. I've kept Aguero on the bench. In short. I've messed this team up with gambles that aren't consistent. Transfers a plenty in the next few weeks needed.