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Donate Now to Help Sick Bolton Wanderers Fan #pudontour

One of our brothers requires your help

Former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said:

"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that."

This is a very nice idea, but if you are of sound mind you would likely realise that it's a load of old tripe. You may have noticed, if you are a user of social media, a campaign that has been running lately by a group of Bolton Wanderers fans with the target of raising money for one of our own who is seriously ill with an absolute bastard of an disease.

Andrew 'Pud' Leigh, a well known supporter, requires your help in raising as much money as possible to donate to Christies. They are, if you are not aware, an internationally recognised centre for the treatment of cancer.

He raised £5,636.85 in support of the charity, when he sold his rare Bolton Wanderers vehicle licence plate, and now, in his hour of need, I implore each of you to give what you can to his cause.

The means of doing so is via PayPal to

Due to Christie rules, they will only accept the money once the person in question has passed away, and so until such a time as a proper donation link is set up then PayPal is the way forward.

As you can see from the photo header, a group of his mates have clubbed together to make a flag in his honour. There are numerous photos doing the rounds online of the flag being taken to various local clubs, and I recommend you click on the #pudontour hashtag to follow its progress.

Good luck Pud, and stay strong, from all at Bolton Wanderers.