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FA Cup Man of the Match: Sir Gary of Madine

Alastair has fallen in love

Crystal Palace v Bolton Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Two weeks ago I was approached in the corridor by a mate of mine who told me that some reality TV star was friends with a Bolton Wanderers striker and that she tweeted about him.

Our beloved Gary won the endorsement of none other than Marnie Simpson. Turns out she's quite famous but I wouldn't know, I'm more of a Radio Four guy than Geordie Shore.

Well his month keeps getting better after being nominated for the PFA Player of the Month award as now he has won the most coveted accolade in Bolton football, my approval.

This will probably surprise a few when watching James Henry's spectacular lob but Madine played a vital role in pressuring the Crystal Palace defence.

He won many of his aerial 50/50s and was, in my opinion, harshly punished by the referee. I absolutely agree with Jonny when he says that Madine is underrated by fans because we expect him to act like a number 9.

However, now we have an actual number 9 most of this anger gets directed at Jamie Proctor and our frustrating lack of goals is being dealt with by the revitalised Velas, Ameobis (come home lad) and Cloughs of the team (despite their being room for significant improvement).

I myself used to think he was a bit rubbish - but he's coming into his own under the new system and long may it continue.

Without Madine in the side, we wouldn't have been able to get the wings, and to a lesser extent the midfield, further forward which would have taken all the danger from our attack.

Hopefully his endeavours will soon be rewarded by goals again.

Sorry about the mean things I used to say Gary you brilliant man x