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FA Cup: Five Things Alastair Noticed about Crystal Palace v Bolton Wanderers

He's back!

Crystal Palace v Bolton Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

We've found a formula and we're sticking to it

I hadn't seen Bolton Wanderers play since August (the Wimbledon game), and so this was quite an experience for me.

The playing style hasn't adapted much since that match, we still try to play the ball to Madine at all costs and see what happens, but it's pretty much working (judging by our league position rather than tonight's game).

Gary Madine's recent nomination for Player of the Month further demonstrates the value of his hold up play despite people like me thinking he was a waste of boot laces in the Championship.


I hope that Lee Anderson called ALF's agents the second the final whistle was blown. Bolton's finishing was, again, poor, despite James Henry's miraculous/accidental goal.

I think the last two games go to show that the line up isn't as penetrable as we thought and that turning down a proven goal scorer for any other reasons than wage difficulties is madness.

I hope, however, that it would not force Vela out of position.


Turns out we can't do that either.

Some of Ben Alnwick's passing was just dreadful on Tuesday.

I'll be the first to admit that I didn't want to sign him but have been proven wrong by his good performances but his distribution was just awful against Crystal Palace.

The whole team made passing errors but his stood out, a phenomenon which could be attributed to the nervous excitement the team played with for the first 30 minutes. Once we got back our composure the mistakes were stamped out.

Crystal Palace are in trouble

Until Christian Benteke came on, it would be have been nearly impossible for anyone to guess that they were a premier league side without the names in their shirts.

Players like Andros Townsend, who carry large wages and big transfer fees, are individuals who you'd assume would rip it up in the Championship but in actual fact are just awful, a bit like Martin Petrov was.

The big names didn't perform and it's hard to see them staying up or coming straight back up if the worst happens.

On a side note seeing as the whole stand was shut off I don't see why they were so stingy with ticket allocations. It was my first time seeing the Palace 'Ultras' and whilst you couldn't hear a thing, you had to respect their effort in unfurling a banner that read fanatics shortly after it was announced only around 6000 of them bothered to show up.

The Reebok Roar

Scrolling through the page after the game and seeing the negative comments was very surprising, seeing as when this site called out the crap the team where putting out during our relegation season the Reebok Roar questioned whether we were even fans.

There is no shame in losing to a Premier Peague team and, although it looks like we had it at one point, we cannot be upset.

Losing the Manchester City pay day and chance to further humiliate Pep Guardiola is a blow but we'll bounce back.

It speaks volumes that not since Gary Cahill and Zat Knight, in my opinion, have we had a centre back pairing I'd rather have facing Loic Remy and Benteke so progress is being made, despite our position in the football league.

Perhaps we are getting hooked on this new winning feeling but I hope the negativity of disappointed fans doesn't start to effect the team.