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Let's Say Something Nice About......Episode 7 - Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Teacher, mother, secret lover

Sam Allardyce of Bolton Wanderers Photo by Getty Images

Sp here we are.

Six reappraisals of fallen heroes. Gary Madine, Darren Pratley, Liam Trotter, Jamie Proctor, Dorian Dervite and Kevin Nolan. All before, all reappraised.

Now it's the turn of the ultimate in divisive characters - Bolton Wanderers Football Club itself.

How many times do we express how pissed off we are with the club?

How often do we think 'oh here we go again’ when it comes to Bolton?

Quite a lot, I'd wager, but here we are. Every week without fail. I'm not going to quote that stupid 'once in' phrase that has become commonplace online, but there is an element of truth in the thought that we have, collectively, devoted ourselves to this football club - to this inanimate object.




Poor performances.

Off-field strife.

Weird signings.

Underperforming footballers.

Being rained on.

The Reebok Stadium breeze.

Blinded by the sun in September.

Liam Feeney.

Wembley. Stoke City.

Losing to Tranmere Rovers.

Losing to Bury.

Losing to Manchester United.

The sports bra kit.

The yellow piss-stain kit.


Zat Knight.


Lion of Vienna Suite.

All horrendous, but do you know what?

I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Bolton Wanderers - I love you.