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Liam's Midweek Column: Supporters' Trust, Selling Zach Clough & Being Handsome

The bearded wonder returns

Crystal Palace v Bolton Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

1) Asking the Right Questions

I am a supporter of the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust and very much buy into the concept of a fan-based democratic organisation that works primarily to protect and increase the clubs value to the community.

The last two weeks have seen the BWFCST look to gain Asset of Community Value status for Bolton’s Macron Stadium. A move applauded by both former players, such as Trust supporter and former captain, Gudni Bergson and local politicians, most notably Bolton West MP Chris Green.

Some quarters have criticised the Trust for making moves which could indirectly viewed as show of distrust to Wanderers’ current ownership but I do not buy into that notion at all.

You never know what is round the corner and I struggle to see this sort of work as anything other than positive.

Just ask Leeds United, Coventry City or most recently Millwall fans about the effect external influences can have. The Millwall case study on the matter is particularly interesting and I think if you read into that properly you will see the application by the BWFCST in a much more positive light.

However, not all the work done by the BWFCST has been particularly productive, in my opinion.

It has been reported that the BWFCST have looked for clarification on the transfer embargo currently in place against Wanderers and honestly I don’t see what business the Trust has seeking clarification on football matters.

Don’t get me wrong, the EFL have a duty to have an effective line of communication to the fans they ultimately serve and I imagine the BWFCST will seek to have a healthy relationship with the EFL should they feel there be any issues regarding ownership. This is fine and I encourage this whole-heartedly but there must be a clear line drawn between footballing matters (which I very much include transfers within) and non-footballing matters.

I’m not naïve and I’m sure the members of the BWFCST wanted clarification on the matter out of curiosity.

Also, I welcome the long-awaited direct dialogue between the club and the BWFCST and I’m hopeful the BWFCST can have an effective influence in the Wanderers community.

2) Cashing in

I think we should sell Zach Clough.

There I’ve said it.

Zach is a gifted footballer who I have no doubt can reach the very summit of the game but a League One scrap is no place for such a luxury forward.

The only question for me is whether to do it now or in the summer?

It seems we are banking on promotion a little bit this year and we are well placed to make that realistic target and I get the feeling the unsaid opinion is that Zach will fire us to promotion then take himself off on his successful career.

There’s just a nagging feeling for me though that we should look to strike while the iron is hot.

Clough has never strung as many games together as he has in recent months and there is undoubtedly a lot on interest in the boy from Denton.

This is why we should cash in now, I always worry with Zach that another knock is around the corner with his slight frame and his willingness to run at defenders (not a criticism).

Let’s look to get the maximum we can for Zach, something traditionally we almost always fail to do.

The funds could be a real life blood into activities at the Macron Stadium.

I know many will be against this line but have a think about it, a real think about it and you’ll see the sense.

I’m clever as well as handsome…