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Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Charlton Athletic: Immediate Reaction

And no plan B in sight

Crystal Palace v Bolton Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Well that was truly shite. Wanderers couldn't have asked for the game to be more in their favour with Charlton down to 10 men just 10 minutes. Shortly after Wanderers went 1-0 up. How, how I ask did we throw that away to lose 2-1? That leaves us without a win in this month and without a clean sheet since the mid-December.

We named an unchanged side (takes a lot of the blame) with the exception of Connor Wilkinson making an appearance on the bench. We started brightly and it wasn't long before we saw a major event in the Charlton sending off. Shortly after Zach Clough struck a sumptuous free kick in to the corner to send Wanderers 1-0. So 1-0 up, at home with our opponents down to 10 minutes... Could we blow it? Boy could we.

Thanks to some absolute woeful defending by Tom Thorpe, our centre backs an Ben Alnwick, Charlton got their first through a free kick. Their second came on the break with yet more tragic defending just before half time.

Thopre was hauled off at half time for Clayton and Bolton dominated the second half but did absolutely sod all with their possession except piss about.

So to reiterate, without a win in the entire month, no clean sheets for a while and yet we continue to name an unchanged line up as if they're world beaters. David Wheater and Mark Beevers aren't the impenetrable wall they once were, Tom Thorpe has someone how kept his place by simply going under the radar in all his games and we see players who've impressed in every performance like Derik Osede and Max Clayton stuck on the bench. Why? Got me. There ins't much scope for change but where there is, Christ knows why we aren't. The team isn't tired as they've had plenty of time off so I can only assume they're all so comfortable knowing they won't be dropped they're getting complacent. Derik looked great at CB when he stood in there and looked great in midfield when he was in there. Clayton and Clough looked a great combination but can we drop Madine?

We need reinforcements and good ones. They'll have to be to convince Parky to change his team. Even hat-trick scorer of today, Keshi Anderson couldn't get a game over players like Madine. Time to 'save the day' transfer supremos of Bolton Wanderers, because we need quality and I'm not seeing anything to suggest that's coming any time soon.