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Portsmouth Interest In Proctor

And Wanderers think they can get actual money

Swindon Town v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Reports coming from perennial Bolton Wanderers transfer oracle, Alan Nixon that Portsmouth are interested in taking Jamie Proctor off our hands.

I will assume you have recovered from laughing your ass off to keep reading this to check it isn't a joke and it isn’t. Reportedly Portsmouth wish to take our misfiring striker off of our hands.

Wanderers however are intent on looking a gift horse in the mouth. Most would assume such a deal would be a loan or simply a case of us letting them have him but apparently no. The second part of the Nixon tweet states that Bolton want money from the deal. It isn't clear whether that means a loan fee or a transfer fee but I cannae help but feel we were at the upper limit of his value when I thought we were giving him away.

Hopefully this doesn't backfire given the space shortage we currently have within the confines of the embargo. The space is certainly more valuable than the pittance we could receive for him and certainly more important than scuppering the deal and keeping him here.

The match yesterday is testament to how we need better players and I know who I would rather taking a place in our squad list out of Proctor and say....Le Fondre.

It's good to see players not contributing possibly on their way; lets just hope it happens now.