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Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Charlton Athletic - Man of the Match: Andrew Taylor

Jonny’s chosen his man of the match from yesterday’s dreadful performance

Crystal Palace v Bolton Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

What a shower of shite yesterday was. The most lacklustre, laboured and disappointing game of the season so far - and that's me being generous.

Out of the 14 spineless pricks that played yesterday, there was one small beacon of hope. Said beacon was Andrew Taylor. In my eyes he was the only person that really looked ready to take the game to Charlton, particularly after they equalised. I’m not sure exactly how many times he put the ball into the box yesterday but it was a lot; easily more than any other player in a white shirt. Even though he's on loan I’d still class him as one of our senior players, so the fact he's picked up recognition this week speaks volumes for the calibre of performance from the likes of Spearing, Wheater & Beevers.

I’m genuinely gutted about yesterday. I can feel our grasp on this league slowly slipping away. The lack of quality personnel in our ranks, and thus a Plan B when things go tits up, really concerns me. Let's hope the next 48 hours see us bring in some reinforcements - God knows we need it.