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King Ken & Openness: You Demanded It, Idiots

Be careful what you wish for

After reading our beloved chairman (!) who blogs more than I do, and after recovering from shaking my head so hard I suffered minor women’s whiplash, I began to wonder about what my beloved Bolton Wanderers has become.

It all started with some fabled demand for openness. Apparently, the last board failed their communications BTEC, something that Ken Jong-Un has managed to pass. Well done Kenny! To the nearest Toby Carvery!

Nah, it’s not that - it seems that once upon a time, a Ken Anderson column on the Bolton Wanderers website was to be met by a thousand adoring emojis - but, it now seems, that those days are long gone. You might point to Wanderers fans being fickle, or you may point to the truth that lies behind the change in trend - in times of hardship, people can see bullshit for what it is.

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Apparently his most recent blog (or blogba, if you post on f365) has posited that stats about what happens on the pitch - both past and present - has no relevance to what is happening on the pitch. That is a particular type of madness.

Also seen within his latest missive, coming in, I note, at over 150 words so that NewsNow can pick it up, is another exercise in the pointless and futile. Ken blames the media, blames the players, blames Megatron and then blames Millwall for adapting to the league a bit too quickly for their own good. All designed to deflect attention from our present situation. This situation, let’s not forget, engineered part by his own failure to resolve the transfer embargo until just before its second birthday.

But no, let’s still see a few Year 11s commenting with ‘King Ken’ style posts. Forget the fact that he hasn’t put a bean into the club that he couldn’t later withdraw, no, that’s irrelevant - instead he has made accountants of us all. We all know that when Bolton fail to pay suppliers on time, it’s the supplier’s fault, cos Kenny said so. Is that the way it works in the real world? Of course it isn’t.

Bolton tranmere goals jermaine beckford

Giving the man the thanks he is due for keeping the club alive is one thing - and he deserves thanks for that, but things are going downhill fast, and I think that Ken’s blogs are starting to become a laughing stock, rather than a communicative tool.

So yeah, openness. That’s great isn’t it? I say it isn’t. Be careful what you wish for. Some things are better left secret.