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Bolton 1-1 QPR - Man of the Match - Bin Bag Man

Well that was bloody miserable

Bolton Wanderers failed to follow up last week’s stirring win over Sheffield Wednesday, instead throwing away Darren Pratley’s early lead late on, to draw 1-1 with QPR.

The match was forgettable, and conditions played a huge part in what was ultimately a match that will not live long in the memory. Torrential rain from the first minute to the last made it a thoroughly miserable afternoon for those in attendance.

Despite that, I have to pick a Man of the Match.

In terms of the squad, I can’t think of anyone who particularly stood out, but there was one individual whose performance was head and shoulders above the rest.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bin Bag Man:

Bin Bag Man is not your ordinary fan.

He caused a stir pre-match with his unusual outfit of a bin bag round his legs, another round his knees, another round his waist and another over his head. Incredible ingenuity which made Bin Bag Man the must-watch individual in the stadium.

He showed great movement just before the half time whistle, effortlessly climbing over two rows of seats to sit a bit further back, which also showed the vision that he has.

He disappeared in the second half, presumably off to solve some crime or other - but his legacy was a sense of longing and sadness, with the entertainment that he provided being head and shoulders above what was happening on the pitch.

Bin Bag Man, wherever you are - whoever you are - thank you. Truly the hero that we deserve.