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Revealed: Bolton Wanderers For Sale - Yours for £25m!

We’ve long heard rumours that Bolton Wanderers chairman Ken Anderson wants to turn a buck, sell the club and move on.

Well now it seems that we can mark that rumour down as being correct:

Wanderers have put together this prospectus to send to potential investors.

This is all we have to go from, and I found a couple of bits particularly interesting:

  • Ken is willing to relinquish his 94% for a fee of £25m - not bad considering his outlay thus far.
  • All directors will stand down upon a successful takeover - puts to bed any rumours that your man wants to hang around after a sale.
  • The company will be sold with no structured debt and just normal trade creditors outstanding - this much has been discussed at length in recent months.

Sadly, we haven’t had sight of the rest of the booklet, but I note the choice of Gary Madine as poster boy - is there anything that man can’t do?

Come on investors, you know what Ken wants, show us the colour of your money!