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BWFC ACV decision out

The council decision is a mixed bag rather than a straight yes or no

Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

After what seems like an eternity, the council have finally announced their decision in regard to the ACV dispute between the ST and Ken Anderson.

Seeing as the original court date was 02 October, back in the long forgotten days when Bolton lost games, it has taken a lengthy six weeks for the decision to come out. Mind you, seeing as this is council business I should say that the decision has been made in record time.

So what is the decision?

Well the ACV is staying put on the stadium, what was the Fanzone, the hospitality and the catering.

However, it has been removed from the hotel, car parks and business offices.

The logic of this split frankly evades me, I dont see what real benefit it gives either party by this give and take approach, but there you go. I think it safe to say that the ST will be the happier party and so they should. I assume that we will be in receipt of a response written in blood from the kingdom of Ken shortly. It will be interesting as to what he says but I think it safe that the ST are firmly off the Christmas card list.

A final point is that apparently the decision was made a week last Monday and that both parties were immediately informed, but a public announcement was placed under ‘embargo’ (that bloody word never seems to be far from BWFC) until all procedural process had been completed.

So there you go, lets hear what you think below the line.