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Ken’s Q&A - The Interesting (and not so interesting) Bits You Might Have Missed

Still some freaks around

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

So last night our glorious leader Ken Anderson, chairman of Bolton Wanderers and hero of the Rebel Alliance held a Q&A in a packed-out room at the Reebok before our 2-2 draw with Reading.

Decent crowd, eh?

Anyway, your pals at LOV went along and live tweeted - at least we did until it got a bit on the dull side.

Despite that, the best bits are repeated here for your delight and dissection:

Looking to sign 3 to 4 loan players from Prem in Jan transfer window, as squad cover, especially a striker.

Good. We won’t stay up on Gary Madine’s sweat alone.

No money for transfer fees.

Well knock me down with a feather.

Three serious bidders/investors for the club. Two billionaires and one substantial millionaire. One investor left in July, who wanted to invest 70-80m for player transfers. Due diligence completed. KA told early Nov that investors funds frozen.

Really? Sounds a bit like something from a football-related James Bond film. It’s all quite convenient too.

Club not actively up for sale until the summer but KA will listen to serious offers if presented.

Not new news.

Looking to offload Ben Amos due to excessive salary.

Welcome to 2016.

Needs 20-23k fans turning up rather than 10-13k.

Our fanbase is towards the lower end of the scale. Ken is dreaming, IMHO if he thinks we are going to even scrape 17k in this division.

Club still losing £5-6m a season. Loss being covered by KA but needs attendances to improve and concerts to be held to help cover shortfall.

It’s going to take a lot of concerts to make up that amount.

KA says creditors are trade, Blumarble, PBP and Bret Warburton. Champ payment is £5-6m spread over 12 mths PBP own two car parks and offices. Club own stadium, one car park and hotel.

This is interesting - so does that mean we defaulted on PBP?

Stadium naming rights will probably change in the summer. Better commercial contract wanted.

This is fair enough. I don’t think anyone cares what the stadium is called as long as we are getting decent coin for it.

KA states that he came on board to join Dean in takeover at last minute without doing due diligence. Alleges he relied on a number of promises made by Dean and Mike Collins that turned out to not be true.

Well as someone who dealt with Collins on a very low level before Ken arrived I can say that his shiftiness comes as absolutely no surprise.


So there you go. It sounded like the usual Ken Anderson PR / aggrandisement exercise, but with one or two interesting nuggets thrown in for good measure.

I wonder, had the event been held after the game whether he would have been thrown some more interesting questions but sadly the room was made up largely of BWSA types who aren’t known for asking the hard questions.

Still, it’s good to have open lines of communication with the man at the helm, and fair play to him for going ahead with it - hopefully against advice from within the club.