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The Battle of Burnden Park, 20 Years On

We battered them!

John McGinlay of Bolton celebrates  scoring

Is it really 20 years since the Battle of Burnden?

A couple of years ago I wrote about the fight - you can read that here - which remains one of the most enjoyable on-pitch scraps that I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t count Stan Collymore v Ulrika Andy Todd in that list, by the way.

The scene was set - old rivals, Bolton Wanderers and Wolverhampton Wanderers, meeting in a top of the table First Division clash at Burnden Park in 1997.

John Sheridan kicked things off - nice and polite John - only to see unfold before him a 22 man dust up which would suit Wrestlemania down to the ground. The game erupted after Bolton had a penalty claim rejected when Nathan Blake fell under a Dean Richards tackle. Sheridan complained and was dragged back by Mark Venus, who was belted upside the heed by our man.

It’s no surprise that Wolves have felt in our shadow for the longest time. Whilst flying high this season, the club has had some fallow years of late which, compared to our mid-2000s highs must have really ground their gears.

The best thing about it? Lancaster-based referee David Allison didn’t even include the bust-up in his report. He said:

“I am not going to report it. What can I say? I just didn’t see what happened.”


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