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Dear LOV: Thank You and Goodbye

Time for some new blood

A-League Rd 10 - Perth v Newcastle Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

Morning everyone, nice to speak to you again.

Straight to the point, I’m writing this having just dropped an email to our American overlords informing them of my intention to step aside from the good ship LOV and hand the reins over to another.

This decision has been made in the past four weeks having had to deal with some off-site nonsense caused by some on-site nonsense and it has combined with a busy home and work life to mean that my available time for devote to this fine website has been massively diminished.

It is with regret that I step aside but I am proud of the advances that we have made during my stewardship and thank Mark Y and Jeremiah at SBN for their faith in me taking over in the first place.

So in closing, apologies to everyone I’ve ever upset with my opinions - it’s only football right? Either way, it’s been a fun ride, with lots of ups and a few downs, but despite all this, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Long live Bolton Wanderers and long live Lion of Vienna Suite.

Eddie, over to you.