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Bolton Wanderers Legend Kevin Davies Chimes In on Club Owner Row

SKD on the case

Barrington Coombs/Getty Images

In an online article, found here, Bolton Wanderers legend Kevin Davies has weighed in on the Ken Anderson v Dean Holdsworth debate/debacle.

He said:

"It's not an ideal situation for the club.

Two grown men going public against one another is not good for the players, fans and anyone surrounding the club. I know Dean very well and he's worked very hard to help the club to get the deal over the line but having viewed the recent accounts, it doesn't make pretty reading, especially with Dean taking out a heavy interest rate loan.

This is not what's best for the club for the short/medium term but he was desperate to get in and take the reigns.

He lost an investor towards the end of the deal and brought Ken in to help out last minute and this dispute has been public for far too long, it's not healthy at all.

"The public spat on social media is completely childish.

He continued:

This should be a matter dealt with in-house. Ken has done his best to try and increase the income through shares, sponsorships and other dealings but it seems the loan has meant they've hit a stumbling block.

If there's interest externally for someone to acquire the club, especially if they get promoted, then this will help alleviate the problems. It's a very difficult period and it's an ongoing process but at the moment they have poor finances and players on bigger contracts than the club can afford."

What do you make of Davies' comments?

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