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Bolton Wanderers in Crisis? Deano Hits Back

Sidelined director and former Bolton Wanderer striker refutes Anderson claims

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

This week, Ken Anderson attempted to lay the blame at the door of Dean Holdsworth for the sale of Zach Clough, citing that if he'd invested more money into the club, our most valuable playing asset could still be a Bolton Wanderers player.

In one of his regular open letters to the fans, Anderson said: "Obviously, like everyone else, I was extremely disappointed to see Zach leave, but... I had to weigh up the financial benefits for the club of selling him and regrettably, following Dean's refusal last week to contribute any funds to financially support the club, alongside me, I was left with no alternative but to try and reach the best deal possible with Forest".

Holdsworth, who of late has been conspicuous in his silence, released a riposte today through the Sports Shield company, of whom we'd heard so much about before the takeover.

Dean called Anderson's claims "misleading and without foundation". He added: "he (Anderson) alleges that I am to blame for the sale of Zach Clough – this is untrue...Ken Anderson made that decision, and negotiated the terms of the deal alone. I had no involvement in the sale...Ken’s allegation that I have refused to contribute funds to the club is also untrue.

I have not refused to pay, but am unwilling to advance funds until I receive the proper financial information required for me to make financial investment into the club". The clouds surrounding the management of the club continue.

With rumours of an impending financial crisis before the sale of Clough, it seems as if it's only a matter of time before the club heads for implosion. Whispers of a Chinese/American takeover persist, however the backers behind the deal are as yet unknown.

Any Wanderers fan hoping to concentrate solely on footballing matters shouldn't hold their breath.

The fall-out between Anderson and Holdsworth shows no sign of stopping, in fact it seems to be getting far worse, and nobody is coming out of it well. If fans want an up-to-date, chairman authorised, "transparent" perspective of our current plight, I hear there's a relation to the chairman who's particularly "in the know".

Remember though, boys and girls, he is NOT a club employee if the Football League ask you. Those looking for confirmation can write to any board member. That's right, you can write to either Mr or Mrs Anderson about your worries.

It's Walsall at home on Saturday. Let's hope we have something more, you know, football-based to talk about.

Come on you whites.