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5 Talking Points: Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Northampton Town

Wanderers win - we all win

Bolton Wanderers v Northampton Town - Sky Bet League One Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

Five talking points. Easy:

1 - Bolton Wanderers Are Back

This is my Bolton Wanderers. Yes, we may have had to scrape a win when in reality we should have thumped them, but that's not how we do things.

The fight, the desire, the graft....all there in spades.

Fans chipped in as well - apart from when they clapped the most dangerous opposing players just because he had an entirely forgettable career with us - it was, for the lack of a better term, old school.

2 - Striking Partnerships

We have them throughout the team.

Beevers and Wheater, Madine and Adam Le Fondre - we are clicking.

In terms of the forwards, the struggles endured by Madine in front of goal always came into sharper focus because he was the only one up there and bore the brunt of being our provider and finisher. He's only got it in him to be the former.

The arrival of ALF and his ever-increasing match fitness has meant that Madine can focus on what he does well, and leave the goalscoring to someone who is better suited to that role. It brings out the best in both of them.

3 - Matt Taylor

I never really warmed to Matt Taylor. Questionable workrate and alleged bust-ups with fans meant that his departure back in the day wasn't really mourned.

He spent the first part of Saturday's game being politely clapped by Wanderers fans whenever he strutted over to the corners. This baffled me. As someone who had a very average spell with us he was barely deserving of that respect - but as someone who was, on the day, Northampton's best player - to provide him with that acclaim was nothing short of barmy.

Then, to top it off, and to show that my point about clapping him was bob on, he had the gall to celebrate (too early, which made me piss) in front of the ESL as if he'd just scored the winning goal in the World Cup Final.

His face was a picture when the goal was disallowed. Clown.

4 - Another Terrible Referee

Whoever he was, he was appalling.

That's another one for the list. They really are a cut above in this division. I had better referee's in Under 11 football.

It's not that he jibbed us out of three or four decisions in strong areas, it's that he decided to give us a half-arsed penalty as well as denying us and Northampton a series of fouls, tackles, pushes and dives throughout the game. Utter bollocks.

5 - Be Careful What You Tweet

Seems that before the game a Bolton fan twitterised that he'd been denied access to the game because of 'offensive tweets' sent.

Now I don't know the content of these supposed offensive tweets, but if the club is starting to take action against fans for opinions they state online then it's both worrying as someone who often puts his own out there and in wider terms of where the club's authority starts and ends.

I'm sure there'll be more mileage in this tale as the week progresses, but it's a concerning stance that they've taken and one which, on a day full of joy and happiness, no doubt left a sour taste in the mouths of some.